The town of Monchique is located in the heart of the mountain, affectionately known as the “Garden of the Algarve”. It offers a great diversity of fauna and flora and a mild and cool climate, in contrast to the Algarve coast and Baixo Alentejo which are known for their higher temperatures.

In the centre of the town you can enjoy a magnificent view from the São Sebastião park viewpoint, visit Monchique’s parish church dating from the early 16th century and take the opportunity to wander the narrow streets of the town, visiting the famous handicraft shops along the way. This way, you can contemplate the architectural, historical and cultural heritage of this region and also taste the traditional gastronomy, which includes sausages, black pork, honey, local sweets and medronho (a local spirit).

Don’t miss Caldas de Monchique where there is a small square surrounded by large trees and fountains, a perfect place for picnics, and the famous thermal springs with their medicinal water used since ancient times for various treatments.

You can also climb up the mountain to Picota or to the Algarve’s highest point, Fóia, from where you can see a magnificent stretch of landscape. Another place worth visiting is Moinho do Poucochinho, in Barranco dos Pisões, where you can also have a picnic at its stone tables under the shade of one of the many trees in the Monchique mountains.